Day -2: June 21, 2000
Scripps Ranch, CA to Scripps Ranch, CA
(0 miles)

It is hard for me to believe that the departure date for my long-awaited trip is finally here. Tomorrow I will ride to San Ysidro to document my first of four corners, and then on Friday I'm off for Salina, KS. Several of you replied to my first post with comments like: "You are nuts!" and "Are you crazy?", and I understand that the first two days of this trip seem a bit extreme. So, I thought I'd write a line or two (Several of you commented about my use of that phrase last time in what turned out to be a rather lengthy message) about some of the sights I'm planning to see on this trip.

In Florida I'll be going to Key West and Everglades National Park and I plan to visit a cousin I haven't seen in 30 years. In North Carolina and Virginia I will be traveling the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive. I'll go through my hometown of Edison, New Jersey, and might have lunch at the Stage Deli in New York City. In Connecticut I'll be taking a scenic route which was recommended by another motorcyclist. And in New Hampshire I'll do some sightseeing in the White Mountains. Time permitting, I'll take a side trip on the Moosehead Trail in the backwoods of Maine. In Quebec I'll cross the St. Lawrence on a ferry, and hopefully see the Northern Lights, which are supposedly at a peak intensity this summer. In Northern Michigan I plan to visit Mackinaw Island, and time permitting visit Eagle and Copper Harbor on the shores of Lake Superior. In Minnesota I plan to ride around Mille Lacs Lake, and in North Dakota I will visit The Northern Section of Teddy Roosevelt National Park. I will follow the Missouri and Milk Rivers in Montana, and I might take the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier NP. In Washington, I am taking a bunch of scenic roads that I have studied on maps, but have never traveled in person, and I am planning to complete the Four Corners Tour in 15 or 16 days.

Then I'll pick Carla up at the Spokane Airport, and we'll do 6 days of 2-up sport-touring through Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. After averaging over 600 miles per day for the first 16 days, the pace will slow to about 200 miles per day, and in West Yellowstone, we will actually spend two nights in the same hotel! I'll be showing Carla a couple of my favorite roads, including Beartooth Pass on the Montana-Wyoming border, and the Chief Joseph Highway near Cody, Wyoming. Also, we will explore a few roads that I have never seen, like Lolo Pass in Idaho, and parts of Yellowstone National Park. Carla will fly home from Jackson Hole, and I'll have a couple of days to get home from Wyoming. In those couple of days, I'll ride Logan Pass, the Mount Nebo Road, and my favorite road in the country, Utah Route 12.

So, while my first e-Mail might have sounded like this was a bit of a forced march, hopefully in this message I have conveyed the idea that this is a true vacation. Not everybody's idea of a vacation, but this is what I really love to do.

I'm not planning to send a message from Salina, Kansas, so my next message will be from Orlando, Florida at the conclusion of my Bun Burner Gold 3000.

I'll talk to you again soon.

Rick Brookes
ST1100, VFR750F, Hawk NT650GT
1998: 50cc Quest
1999: Bun Burner Gold
Summer 2000: BBG 3000, Four Corners Tour

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