Day 6: June 28, 2000
Starke, FL to Asheville, NC
(575 miles)

Today was a pretty boring riding day. Most of the day was spent on I-95 and I-26. The goal was to get from Florida to the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, which I did, although it wasn't very pleasant. The temperature was in the 90's most of the day, and in the late afternoon I rode into a rainstorm just outside Asheville, NC. The storm caused a big traffic jam, so not only was I stuck in traffic, but I was getting wet while I was sitting there. One pleasant observation is that entering Asheville on I-26, they have beautiful flower arrangements along the freeway. Very impressive.

One other pleasant (if fattening) observation, there are Crisy Creme doughnuts everywhere back here! They even sell them in convenience stores, and they are delivered fresh daily! Amazing!

So I decided to stay in Asheville, even though there were several more hours of daylight, and I could have gotten a head start on The Blue Ridge Parkway. I checked in to the Asheville Motel 6, which is conveniently located just a half mile from the Parkway entrance. Rather than try to explain what the Blue Ridge Parkway is, here's a good web site if you want to read all about it:

That will be tomorrow's adventure.

Speaking of web sites, my good friend Bill Englander has set up a page on his web site for these trip reports: (Note: site no longer available)

Thanks, Bill!

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