Day 17: July 9, 2000
Wenatchee, WA to Lewiston, ID
(368 miles)

The Four Corners is complete, and I'm on vacation now, so the trip reports will be a little shorter. After I get home, I will write a wrap up on the whole trip including a summary, statistics, and thoughts on this activity.

Today I had to get to Spokane by 3:40 PM to pick Carla up at the airport. So I slept in, and got on the road at 9:15. I visited Grand Coulee Dam, and took the Dam Tour. This is the grand daddy of our dams. Our dams are our pyramids, and represent some of the best engineering and construction we as a civilization have done.

I made it to the Spokane Airport by 3:15, and of course the flight was late, arriving at 4:25. Carla brought new clothes for me, as I had been discarding my old t-shirts, socks, and underdogs ever since I left home, and I'm down to no clean clothes. So, between my clothes, Carla's clothes, my rain gear, Carla's rain gear, my cold weather gear, Carla's cold weather gear, the computer, and all of our other miscellaneous stuff, we had WAY too much stuff to fit in the poor ST. So, when we packed in the airport parking garage, we ended up with 2 extra stuff bags strapped to the saddle bags. We looked like we were leaving on an around the globe tour! We could have filled up a trailer!

We went east to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and then south on US 95 to Lewiston, arriving around 9:00 PM. US95 was nice, but there was road construction. I had reserved a room in Lewiston, and it turns out that the motel was near the river, which smelled terrible! Oh well, I guess if the AAA Tour Book had said "smelly river nearby", then nobody would stay there! Also, the motel would not allow me to connect to the Internet.

It's great to see Carla, and the vacation has begun.

Rick Brookes
ST1100, VFR750F, Hawk NT650GT
1998: 50cc Quest
1999: Bun Burner Gold
Summer 2000: BBG 3000, Four Corners Tour

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