Day 20: July 12, 2000
West Yellowstone, MT to West Yellowstone, MT
(143 miles)

We are tourists, and we are proud of it. We buy t-shirts and trinkets in souvenir shops. We take lots of pictures. We wear plaid bermuda shorts and tall white socks. OK, we don't really wear those.

Today we spent the whole day in Yellowstone National Park. We saw Old Faithful do its thing. We saw elk, all kinds of waterfowl, and several hundred bison. We rode lots of twisty roads and saw geysers, thermals, and mudpots. We saw the Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River, which were breathtaking. The temperature was in the 90's, and there was no rain.

We are in our room at the Gray Wolf Inn in West Yellowstone, and a few minutes ago Carla heard the wolves begin to howl again at the Grizzly Discovery Center across the street. So we ran outside and walked across the street to their parking lot so that we could sit on a curb and listen to the wolves serenade us, just like last night, except this time we could not see them.

This is a very cool place, and we are having a wonderful time.

Tomorrow we will challenge Beartooth Pass and stay in Cody, Wyoming.

Rick Brookes
ST1100, VFR750F, Hawk NT650GT
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