Day 21: July 13, 2000
West Yellowstone, MT to Cody, WY
(246 miles)

Today we were on the road by 9:00, and went back into Yellowstone National Park to cross over to the Northeast Entrance. Once again the wildlife was amazing, and we finally saw our first moose. By the time we get to Jackson Hole, Wyoming tomorrow, we will have traveled just about all of the major roads in the park. And I'm here to tell you that they are in serious need of repair.

We had lunch in Cooke City, Montana, at the Beartooth Cafe;, where we talked to a couple of transplanted Californians who now live in Red Lodge, Montana.

Next we traveled up and over Beartooth Pass. There is a TV commercial advertising tourism in Montana, and at the very end of it they show a valley with a river running through it. Today we stood at the very place where that shot was taken. I have been over Beartooth Pass twice before, and each time the temperature was in the 40's, even though it was summertime. Today, the temperature might have been 50 degrees, which, according to the locals, is as warm as it gets up there. The patches of snow at the top made it look cooler. The pass is at 10, 947 feet, and the views are spectacular. Unfortunately there was a lot of road construction today, so we were forced to stop 3 or 4 times and wait for a pilot car to lead the traffic through the construction zone.

We enjoyed the Pass so much that after we visited the Rock Creek Lookout, we turned around and crossed over it again in the other direction! Actually, that was the plan, because I wanted to get to Cody, Wyoming today, so the best route was to cross over the pass, and then come back (Carla thinks this is debatable).

We then took the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway. This is a relatively new road, which goes through some spectacular country on the way to Cody. I hope the pictures we took today give an idea of how beautiful this part of the country is. Unfortunately, the pictures never measure up to seeing the sights in person.

Tonight we ate dinner at a nice restaurant in Cody, and we are packing all of our stuff, because Carla will fly out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming tomorrow.

Rick Brookes
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